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On-premise business phone system

OneAccess On Premise Phone System

Our OneAccess Premise Phone Solution is our number one small business phone system.

If you’re after a great phone system for your small business then this is the one for you. We have tailored this system with options for no upfront costs, calls included in the monthly billing, lifetime warranty and maintenance whilst in contract and service guarantee.

Incredible value, reliability, cost and features.

No Upfront Costs

Free install included on a 48 month term (50% install on 36 months term)

Calls Included

Local, STD and Mobile calls included within Australia (additional charges apply to 13/1300 numbers, premium numbers and International Calls)


ATS will warrant and maintain your solution for the life of the agreement

Service Guarantee

We will beat any comparable quote by 10% as well as provide a 90 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our service.

Productivity and communication done right

Moving to VoIP can save your business time and money which is why so many Australian businesses are using them. Our OneAccess On Premise system is optimised for communication internally and externally. Whether you’re looking to implement the latest handsets or link multiple sites across a network, our phone system is a sure thing.

Create experiences that matter for customers and staff communication

Offering a first-class experience begins the moment a customer connects with your business. Personalized service attracts and retains customers, turning visitors into loyal brand advocates. Seamless, real-time communications among staff reduces operational costs and improves job satisfaction and productivity, enhancing every step along the guest journey. When it comes to digital transformation in hospitality, communications is king.

Key features of our ATS OneAccess premise phone system

Set employees up for non-stop productivity with our on-premise phone systems that works everywhere and every way your business does.


Never miss a call with the ability for callers to leave you a voicemail on your personally recording voicemail boxes for all users

Voicemail to Email

For those on the run, receive your voicemails as an attachment in your email. Great for those on the road.

Hunt Groups

Create calling groups for calls to bounce around or call a group of different users to ensure calls ae always answered.


Calls can ring on your individual handset and mobile phone at the same time. Great for mobile staff to stay connected to their office calls without the need of advertising a mobile number

Automated Attendant

Route calls to the appropriate destination by giving your callers the option to press the number of the group they wish to call. This feature is great to direct calls to the right department the first time as well as giving your business a larger look and feel

Company Greetings

Create customizable messages to be played to your callers when calling in to your business or whilst they’re on hold. A great way to announce any promotional content to your callers

Remote Access

Ability to access and change your system settings remotely. Change peoples calling rules or company announcements whilst on the fly

Call Recording

Record and store calls for later retrieval and review

Call Forwarding Rules

Forward calls to alternative destinations either in our out of office hours.


Turn your computer/laptop into your phone. By incorporating a USB headset you have all the features and capabilities of a physical hard phone on your desktop device

Mobile APPS

Access your phone features through apps on your ios or android device. Make calls using mobile data or wifi. Your outgoing caller ID will still be shown as your office indial. Great for traveler.

Cloud Customer Portal

Forward calls to alternative destinations either in our out of office hours.

CRM Integration

Create a truly unified experience by integrating your system with your CRM. Click to call straight from your customers record, screen pop on inbound call, automatically log the call against the record and automatically create a new record/case on a new inbound caller. Great way to enhance both your employees and customers experience

Internal Messaging

Search colleagues user status and easily chat and share files with other colleagues. Great way to stay connected and collaborate with your office network

Video Conferencing

Forget the need to buy licensing for Video Conferencing. With ATS Cloud Premium you have the ability to do untimed video conferencing for all users. With no apps or programs to download your guests will seamlessly join via there browser. Share presentations, use virtual whiteboards and have the ability to take polls. All of which can be also accessed via the mobile apps.


Turn your computer/laptop into your phone. By incorporating a USB headset you have all the features and capabilities of a physical hard phone on your desktop device

Mobile APPS

Access your phone features through apps on your ios or android device. Make calls using mobile data or wifi. Your outgoing caller ID will still be shown as your office indial. Great for traveler.

Cloud Customer Portal

Forward calls to alternative destinations either in our out of office hours.

Live Chat

Incorporate live chat capabilities in to your website and allow your users to reply via their desktop device. Also reply directly to your company’s facebook messages also.

Disclaimer: Some features may not be available on all packages. Speak to one of our skilled consultants to ensure we recommended the right solution for your specific needs.

Handsets available for our on-premise system

We offer a range of handsets to suit your business phone solutions to work the way, you need them to.

Avaya 1403 Phone (digital)

Avaya 1408 Phone (digital)

Avaya 1416 Phone (digital)

Avaya 9504 Phone (digital)

Avaya 9508 Phone (digital)

Avaya 9601 Phone (IP)

Avaya 9608 Phone (IP)

Avaya 9611G Phone (IP)

Avaya 9620L Phone (IP)

Avaya 9670G Phone (IP)

Frequently Asked Questions

A softphone is a piece of software that allows users to make telephone calls over the internet via a computer or smartphone. It has all the features of a desk phone and typically expands the range of services you can access on a desk phone.
Most importantly, a softphone allows you to take your work phone with you wherever you go. It can be installed on a laptop, tablet or smartphone which allows you to leverage the same powerful performance and connection your work phone has. It facilitates mobile working, as you can continue to work on the portable device that you’re carrying with you.
Softphones can be a tool to empower your mobile workforce, as it allows you to take your workplace with you wherever you go.
If you have staff that travels, works from home, or works from remote locations, the ability to take your work phone with you is a powerful advantage. You can be at an airport lounge or at your home office and still have a call forwarded to you allowing you to work on the go. Since a call can be placed at the same available contact information, clients can reach out to their key contacts whenever needed or contact team members even if they are on the move.
With a softphone from ATS, you can truly harness the benefits of remote or mobile working required for today’s flexible working lifestyle requirements.

A “Cloud” phone system, (A.K.A virtual phone system) provides a secure and reliable office phone system through an internet connection. It provides businesses with flexibility and scalability while also maintaining low costs.
Traditional/onsite phone systems will require an organisation to store, manage and maintain equipment on their premise whereas a “Cloud” phone system takes that burden away and offloads that responsibility to an organisation like ATS. Best of all, with a “Cloud” phone system, your costs are easily predictable, and you avoid the typical bill shock that may come with a traditional onsite system. As with all ATS’s systems (regardless of cloud or onsite) your installation, ongoing service, and domestic call costs are all included. Meaning you get on with managing your business whilst ATS supports you with your current and ongoing communication needs.

A cloud phone system provides the advantage of using an internet connection. Here are some of the benefits a cloud solution provides over a traditional PBX.

  • Remote business phone calls – In addition to VoIP desk phones, users can connect to business telephone numbers from different locations via a web phone or mobile app. Outgoing and incoming calls, voicemail, call transfers and more are all accessible remotely, meaning more flexibility and – often – better customer service.
  • No server maintenance – Especially for small businesses, it can be difficult to maintain on premise servers. A cloud PBX solution means easier server management via web interfaces while a phone system hosted by the provider means no server management whatsoever.
  • Lower costs – Apart from the savings on maintenance, hosting providers often only charge according to usage.
  • Easier setup – Most cloud phone systems use installation wizards meaning less server-side technical knowledge is required.

If you want to reap the multiple rewards of a flexible “Cloud” phone system, ask one of our skilled ATS consultant if you’re well suited for a “Cloud” phone system now.

This is an easy question to answer! We have tried to make it as easy as possible at ATS to provide simple, yet flexible pricing for all of our customers with all of the service inclusions upfront and for the life of our partnership.

Our pricing is a simple, per user, per month subscription-based model which includes installation, pre-install site inspections, and ongoing support. Best of all, you will avoid any bill shock with all of your domestic calls included! (with ridiculously cheap rates for any international and premium number calls).

Our OneAccess bundles can also incorporate any additional services like high-speed internet, headsets, on hold advertising, or cabling at a simple per-user price without any nasty upfront costs.

Not to mention, we offer a  money-back guarantee so if you are not happy with our product or services, you are more than welcome to return it.

Speak to an ATS consultant now so we can put together an all-inclusive quote for you today. You have nothing to lose!

ATS “OneAccess” is the all-inclusive, no fuss, phone system package you need if you want the following:

A market leading phone system to suite your business requirements
Want a, pay per user, all-inclusive package
Includes installation and ongoing support
All your included calls (some international and premium numbers additional)
Money back guarantee on product and service

Set your business up with a simple, turn key solution supported by fully accredited and trusted specialists with over 30+ years of industry experience.

If you want to know more about ATS “OneAcess” solutions click here

Our ATS OneAcess packages are designed to be as flexible as you need us to be. That’s why all our packages are built of a per user, per month basis with all the inclusions incorporated in to the per month price. Of course, we understand you may need to add more services over the life of our relationship.

At any stage, if you need to add more users, equipment, or services let one of our trusted consultants know and we would be happy to incorporate the cost of those services, pro-rated, into your existing agreement.

This means your contract length does not have to start again if you don’t want it to be.

Getting started is easy – contact us using our consultation form and our business development manager or technical strategist will contact you to find out more about your business and needs and propose a suitable solution.